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Stories of Travels As A Magic-Lantern Showman

(Here are some sample postings to our Blog -- Magic Lantern Shows -- stories of our life on tour. We hope they'll amuse you. Some of these experiences will be worked into Terry's forthcoming book, Cinema Before Film.)

The Magic-Lantern -- A Borton Family History - Answers our most common question: "How did you get into this profession anyway?"

Redemption - A member of Terry's great-grandfather's audience sees our show 90 years later.

Frog Legs-Dundee - Strange freight rates for stranger characters.

The Dogonist Audition - Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Wax & Wayne -- Magic-Lantern Superstars - Two bugs becomes Magic-Lantern stars . . . until they disgrace themselves.
The Magic - Why the audience is the magic of the magic-lantern show.

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