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Magic-Lantern Civil War Show
Dramatic Images, Stories, Songs, and Poetry
Stir Reenactments

See an authentic Victorian Magic-Lantern Civil War Show -- the combination of projected images, live drama, and live music that led to the movies. Perfect for Reenactments. Sixteen year’s touring, Lincoln Center to Singapore and all points between.

This Civil War Show dramatizes America's greatest national tragedy. It begins with the story that helped spark the war -- Uncle Tom's Cabin. Then the Civl War itself erupts in poems like "Barbara Frietchie" and "Sheridan's Ride," and in songs like "Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "Dixie." In the aftermath, the country tries to heal itself with "The Man Without a Country" and "America the Beautiful."
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The American Panorama Version of the Civil War Show is the same as above, but substitutes the early history of America for Uncle Tom's Cabin.

Featured at Civil War Reenactments in St. Angelo, TX and Livermore, ME; at the H. B. Stowe Center in Hartford, CT; Hayes Presidental Center, Fremont, OH and at The Rylander Theatre, Americus, GA.

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