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Uncle Sam leads a School Matinee
Uncle Sam Leads a School Matinee

School Matinees and Public Magic Lantern Shows, Combined

Because our school matinee requires so little set-up time, we can offer public venues a unique combination -- the chance to present up to two performances of our Patriotic American History Show to bussed-in school children, plus any of our other shows (Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s, Spring , etc.) to the general public on that same evening. (For detailed information on the educational school matinee, click here.)

The Patriotic History School Matinee Sells Out!

The Lancaster Opera House (NY) sold out one Patriotic History Show and then added another. The Stocker Arts Center (OH) sold out one show, added another, and then sold it out. The huge Des Moines Civic Center didn't quite sell out. But the show drew 3,000 kids. It sells itself.

The Patriotic American History Show can be adapted for audiences from Grades 1-12 and for residencies. We provide complete curriculum materials, prepared by our Showman, the former editor-in-chief of the nation's largest newspaper for children, Weekly Reader.

The Patriotic History School Matinee Wins on Three Counts

1. Our School Matinee is a Money Maker

Most venues charge $3-5 for a school ticket. Even smaller venues can cover their costs for an extra school show. Larger venues can make money . Some larger theaters count on school shows to cover their costs for both the evening and the school shows, so that the evening show receipts are profit.

2. Our School Matinee Builds Your Audience For That Evening

  • We provide information on the evening show to go home with the school-show permission slip. The slip can have a student "Buy 1, Get 1 Free!" coupon for the evening show. Since most students who use the coupon bring 3 other people, you sell three extra tickets for one free student ticket.
  • We preview your evening show during the school performance to get the kids excited about it.

3. Our School Matinee Builds Long-Term Audiences

Students are only a few years from becoming your paying customers in their own right. There's no better time to teach them to be theater-goers than when they're young. Get them into your venue with their school group; get them back that evening with their parents; get them back again when they are parents!

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