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Questions From the Public
This page is designed to answer questions from members of the general public who visit our site.

(If you are a theater manager, booking agent, etc., some of these questions may also interest you, but most of your questions are addressed in our AMLT MAIN MENU page.)

1. I have what might be a lantern/slides/related material. How do I find out what I have?

Unfortunately, we are not set up to easily answer questions of this sort. We get overwhelmed, and can't concentrate on performing. Start by finishing these FAQs, and then check out OUR FAVORITE LINKS. If you follow them all, you'll end up an expert in the field. If you still can't find what you want, give us a call at 860-508-2265.

Slide from "Hiawatha" by J. B. Beale

2. I want to buy/sell a magic lantern, magic-lantern slides, etc. Where do I go?

Your best bet is the web, specifically the internet auction site, eBay. To get a realistic sense of prices, go to, click "Smart Search" in the upper right, click "Completed Items," type in "magic lantern," click the "Search title and description" box and then click "Search."

Warning! The PBS program "Antique Road Show" ran a segment in which a fellow brought in a box of 100 slides, and (so I'm told) was informed that they were worth $1000 apiece, or $100,000 for the lot. It is true that some slides sell for $1000, but they are extremely rare. It's also true that most slides sell for a few dollars. A lot of people have been burned by buying perfectly nice slides at inflated prices, expecting to sell them for $1000 per. Caveat emptor! Study the prices on eBay to get a realistic price sense.

3. Where can I see a magic-lantern show?

We tour nationally and internationally. Click Schedule and scan for a show near you. If we're not appearing near you, but we are near friends who might be interested, please alert them. (And talk to your local museum, theater, etc. about booking us in your neighborhood!)

Also, we are associated with the Plain and Fancy Theatre near Lancaster, PA that runs lantern shows from May to October, 7 days a week, 9:00 to 9:00. Call at 717-768-8400, Ext. 210.

4. I know about a magic-lantern showman, or artist, or the artist Joseph Boggs Beale, or the relation between the magic-lantern and cinema, or I have a lantern broadside or poster.. Are you interested?

Yes! Terry is working on a book about these subjects, and appreciates any help. Call 860-508-2265 or email at tborton ("at symbol")

5. I want to be in touch with others who are interested in collecting. Where do I go?

There is a Magic-Lantern Society in the US, and one in England. Both put out publications, have conventions, etc. Both are friendly, welcoming groups that will be glad to support your interests.

Magic Lantern Society of US and Canada - Magic Lantern Society of US and Canada and International.

Magic Lantern Society Magic Lantern Society (England and International)

Where can I learn more about magic-lantern shows, pre-cinema, Victoriana, and related subjects?


If these FAQ's answers don't give you what you're looking for, and you can't find it after diligently searching elsewhere on this site, and our links, feel free to call or email.

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